Cam Newton was one of the biggest personalities in the National Football League.

But even with him being out of the league, Cam is still finding a way to make it on ESPN.

And Cam Newton had more fun than he ever could have imagined over the weekend in one college football student section.

Believe it or not but most NFL players are actually reclusive.

They don’t like to be the center of attention or to be put in front of a camera.

But other players live for it.

And in all reality, they love the camera more than they love the game of football.

And one of those attention whore players is previous NFL star, Cam Newton.

Cam Newton never found a camera he didn’t like.

And when his play on the field started to suck to the point where the press started to care less and less about him, Cam found other ways to make the press care.

But even his crazy outfits and outlandish acts couldn’t keep Cam Newton in the NFL forever.

This year, no team was willing to take its chances with Cam who was once considered a likely Hall of Fame caliber quarterback who seemingly fell short of expectations.

Now Cam is doing what he does best and found another way to end up as a headline story.

Cam’s younger brother Caylin Newton is playing for William & Mary, which is making their way through the FCS college football playoffs.

And in their recent game against Gardner-Webb, Cam Newton was found in the student section making a fool of himself.

The man cannot get through a football season without being on ESPN in some way or fashion.

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