Quarterback is one of the most important positions for a team to have success at.

But it’s also nearly impossible for quarterbacks to be successful in the NFL, and some fade away from stardom like Cam Newton.

And Cam Newton shocked the NFL as he resurrected his career from the grave and thrived again in Carolina.

Name all Super Bowl winning teams over the past two decades without a successful and game changing quarterback.

Really the only crappy quarterback you can name who has won a Super Bowl over the past two decades is Eli Manning (2X lucky Super Bowl Winner).

And it isn’t a coincidence that the best quarterback in the NFL, Tom Brady, has literally won seven Super Bowls over the past twenty years.

But one of the quarterbacks with the highest ups and downs over the past decade is Cam Newton.

The man took the Carolina Panthers to Super Bowl 50.

But he was later let go by the Panthers and signed with New England where he played for their stagnant offense.

In the dismal offense of New England, Cam Newton hit rock bottom and looked horrible.

And ultimately he was cut by the Patriots earlier this season.

As all hope looked gone for Newton to ever make an appearance back into the NFL, the Carolina Panthers came calling again to their old number 1 QB.

And the man didn’t disappoint in his first game back with the Panthers.

Even with limited snaps as quarterback he recorded two touchdowns (one passing and one rushing).

Now, of course, his return could come up short as he can be hot trash in an instant.

But if this pace of success sticks with Cam Newton, he could be in the running for Comeback Player of the Year.

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