Emotions are running highest as the football season comes to an end.

But one player let their emotions get the best of them as he was about to turn the field into a boxing ring.

And one TCU football player was ready to risk it all and throw some hands on the field.

All levels of football around the nation are starting to come to a close.

Odds are your local high school football team is either done with their season or nearly done as they head through the playoffs.

In the NFL, the playoff picture is starting to come to light as teams who suck start to drop and teams who are good start to separate themselves from the rest of the field.

And in college football this past weekend we had championship week, which set the table for who would get into the playoffs and what teams would get into which bowl games.

Near the end of the season, emotions are always flying high.

For many, it’s the last season of ever playing football and they’re willing to do anything to keep it going.

And that’s exactly what was going through one TCU player’s head.

Texas Christian University started the season unranked and has shockingly gone undefeated throughout the regular season.

No one could have imagined their success this season.

But this weekend things didn’t go as planned in the Big 12 Championship for the Horned Frogs.

TCU ended up getting their butts whooped for most of the game versus Kansas State.

And safety Bud Clark was about to take all of TCU’s anger out on one Kansas State wide receiver.

The man squared up like George Foreman on number 34.

The guy better be glad he wasn’t kicked out of the game for that.

But in all honesty, his boxing stance was pretty on point.

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