This past summer just showed us how destructive the groups like Black Lives Matter can be for our nation.

And Black Lives Matter would be nothing without the decades of racial hatred fueled by the Left’s talking points.

But Charles Barkley exposed the truth about the race card in politics and leftists are panicking.

If you were ever in doubt how harmful claims of racism could be to our country, then those doubts should be subsided after this past summer.

The death of George Floyd brought destruction like many of us have never witnessed before in our own streets.

Cities from coast to coast erupted into anarchy and terror after Black Lives Matter riots started their reign of chaos.

And nearly all summer, Black Lives Matter riots caused millions of us to fear for the future of our nation as we watched them burn down street corners and loot small businesses, as well as attack police officers without any recourse.

In the end, the Black Lives Matter riots created the worst damage in history on the basis of insurance claims with over two billion dollars claimed in damages.

All this fear and delusion fed into the riots were claims of racism made by the Left and the Fake News Media.

And one of the last people on earth you would think of to call out politicians for creating racial tensions is Charles Barkley.

Before the UCLA-Gonzaga game, the NBA Hall-of-Famer commented on this past Saturday being the 53rd anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination and race relations.

Barkley claimed that “Man, I think most white people and black people are great people.”

Then he said something that likely made Pelosi turn red in rage.

Barkley continued by saying that:

I really believe that in my heart. But I think our system is set up where our politicians, whether they are Republicans or Democrats, are designed to make us not like each other, so they can keep their grasp of money and power. They divide and conquer.

Barkley hit the nail right on the head with these comments.

Racism is fueled by politicians and those in the Fake News Media because it ensures votes and rakes in the money.

What would Democrats have to run on if they didn’t divide Americans through racism and identity politics?

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