With the Olympics over, the United States has won the most medals out of any nation – including the most gold.

But China is having none of it.

And China is so pissed that they lost in the Olympic medal count they plan on taking medals from other nations.

China wants to be the world’s most powerful superpower.

The communist nation has a population over 1.4 billion people, which equates to over eighteen percent of the whole world’s population.

And somehow they keep losing to the United States in the medal count that just has a population over three hundred million.

But when China loses, they try everything they can to even the playing field.

When they couldn’t get the rights to Disney they just made their own knock off brand Disney park.

So when the United States edged past China in the gold medal count and whooped the commies with 113 overall medals to China’s 88, no one was really shocked to hear that China was trying to cheat again.

Earlier this week China’s communist controlled Central TV network started to claim that China had in fact won the medal count in Tokyo.

They claimed that China had 42 gold medals to the United States’ 39.

To make such an absurd claim, the network lumped in medals won by Taiwan and Hong Kong into what they called “enlarged China.”

Sounds like a bunch of sore losers trying to make a political point.

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