LeBron James has turned his back on America to bend the knee to Communist China.

But LeBron’s backstabbing of our nation just came back to bite him.

That’s because China just screwed over LeBron James and it could cost him millions.

LeBron James isn’t one of the most hated NBA players in history for no reason.

The guy takes every chance he can to demonize his own nation and to attack his fellow citizens.

LeBron was one of the biggest feeders of the fake Black Lives Matter narrative last summer.

He even threatened a police officer earlier this year for doing his job.

And he has attacked America as being racist by claiming that we have “two Americas.”

While he attacks his own nation, he has viciously defended China on numerous occasions.

Well, now it is clear that China could care less about LeBron James and he is paying the price.

LeBron James’ new mediocre movie Space Jam: A New Legacy just got denied access to Chinese markets by the Chinese Communist Party, which could spell financial trouble for the movie.

According to Outkick founder and radio host Clay Travis, the move will leave the movie deep in the red.

Travis tweeted out, “Despite LeBron James shutting up & dribbling for Chairman Xi, China still won’t allow Space Jam 2 to air, meaning the movie is likely to lose several hundred million dollars. Should be a massive story. LeBron bent the knee & China still spurned him. Yet media isn’t covering it.”

He continued to break it down more by tweeting, “Space Jam 2 cost $200 million to make and market and will likely only make $60-70 million without China. Meaning LeBron’s movie will lose over a hundred million dollars, at least. China blocking the movie is a huge story. But no one is even discussing it in media. Strange.”

Many of us can only hope for the movie to flop.

Hopefully LeBron learns the hard way that kissing Communist China’s ass gets you nothing.

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