It started off as a euphoric showing but that didn’t last long.

Given what appeared to be a super-human accumulation of points, it really shouldn’t be a surprise.

And a Cleveland Cavaliers star was hit with a drug test from the incredulous league after his blockbuster night.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Donovan Mitchell racked up a 71-point performance on Monday Night.

But it came with a cost.

The star was hit with a performance-enhancing drug test on Tuesday, according to Mitchell’s Twitter account.

Drug tests aren’t unusual for players in the league and on average they can expect to be randomly tested four times during a season.

This didn’t have the appearance of being random, though.

Even though Mitchell offered no proof otherwise, he found the occurrence to be suspect and it seems, funny.

Mitchell’s record 71-points was instrumental in leading the Cavaliers back from a 21-point deficit to overtake the Chicago Bulls in overtime during Monday Night’s game.

This was the eighth-highest scoring game in league history, and the most scored by anyone this season.

Mitchell said, “It’s humbling. I’m speechless to be honest with you when you say that. I think for me, not only did I do that but I did it in an effort where we came back and won. And it’s how we won. That’s really what, for me, it’s like man, this is nuts . . . I’m extremely blessed, humbled that I’m in that company, in that group.”

But according to the NBA, Donovan’s 71-points should never have happened because Mitchell stepped into the foul lane early.

This should have voided his basket and given the Bulls the win.

Bulls coach Billy Donovan said after the game, “One, it’s a clear violation. Unequivocally, he’s crossing the line on the basket before the ball ever touches the rim. That’s the first thing . . . And he just shot it and really kind of beat Patrick. And I think part of the reason why he beat Patrick is because he went in there too early.”

But since it wasn’t called at the time, nothing can be done about it.

Mitchell certainly had a good night, but unfortunately his strong performance will have asterisks next to it in the record books.

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