If you ever need hope of becoming an NFL coach, just look at Jason Garrett.

The man sucks at being a coach and is built like a middle aged accountant.

And coach Jason Garrett keeps sucking at life as he tries to downplay a player attacking him.

Odds are you can name some noteworthy NFL coaches that would scare the hell out of you if you met them in person.

Many would probably think of Mike Ditka, who would scare anyone on a good day.

Some might think of Rob Ryan who looks like a homeless man ready to mug you.

And some might even mention the national icon Bob Wylie who looks like he might eat you if you cross him wrong.

But it’s a guarantee no one mentioned accountant-turned-NFL-coach Jason Garrett as a scary coach.

Combine his fragile physique and sucking at being a coach, and you have a prime target for pissed off players.

And Garrett learned this the hard way.

During last week’s loss to the Washington Football Team, Kenny Golladay was caught on live TV screaming at his coach Jason Garrett.

Well, after Garrett had a week to cope with his life-threatening event, Garrett finally talked to the press about the smackdown.

Garrett claimed:

To me, it’s not a big deal at all. We’re excited about having Kenny Golladay here. We liked him a lot in free agency and we brought him here and he’s done a really good job for us. I love the guy. I love his competitive spirit. We talk a lot about passion, emotion and enthusiasm in our players, that’s line one, and demonstrating that.

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