Only the craziest and the biggest personalities can become successful football coaches.

And one of those crazy sons of guns that strikes the fear of God in the people he meets is Mike Tomlin.

But Coach Tomlin caught social media by storm and landed in the hot seat after what he did to a fan.

If you ever played football, you can remember that one coach who was just bat crap crazy.

You didn’t know if one second he was going to cheer you on or cuss you out, but that’s just how he rolled.

And at the end of the day, the crazy coach made you a better person.

It truly takes a crazy individual to be a successful football coach.

Trying to take a team full of adolescent males and idiots and turn them into a coherent football machine is something not many can do.

And it would really put anyone on their last nerve and make them absolutely insane.

But many coaches have been able to do it as they take their team and make them victorious through a lot of hard work, patience, and testosterone.

And one of the coaches over the past decade who has beaten the odds and lived in success has been Mike Tomlin.

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin at some points hasn’t had a lot to work with on his team.

But at the end of the day, he found a way to get it done.

It wasn’t always pretty but at least you knew if the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing they at least would have a shot to win.

That’s something that many teams in the NFL couldn’t dream of.

But Mike Tomlin is also one of the craziest coaches in the NFL.

He really doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

And you can see that full and well in this latest video of Mike Tomlin reacting to a fan who was just trying to encourage the coach.

Rather than saying thanks or just ignoring the fan, Tomlin kept walking and yelled at the fan, “Man don’t fucking talk to me!”

It’s a good thing that Mike Tomlin is a legendary coach because any other ol’ coach in the hot seat who cusses like that at a fan would be fired in no time.

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