Some of the most memorable events in sports happen in the locker room.

So far this year Coastal Carolina has had some memorable celebrations in the locker room.

And Coastal Carolina football went absolutely wild again in the locker room after a victory in the most American way possible.

Everyone is always worried about what happens on the field.

Yeah, we are blessed with some memorable plays out on the gridiron.

But some of the best memories are made in the locker room.

Some memories are good ones.

And some have gone down in history as the lowest points in careers.

But one team this year has embraced the locker room antics and it has become iconic.

They have literally sawed heads off of wolves after games.

And they continued their tradition of craziness after games with this latest post game celebration.

After improving to 9-2 and beating Texas State last week 35-21, everybody knew something epic was planned for after the game.

And Coastal Carolina didn’t disappoint.

They literally had a pizza eating contest against world champ Joey Chestnut.

And needless to say Chestnut absolutely crushed his competition in the locker room.

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