We have all seen some insane locker room celebrations over the years.

But this celebration is by far one of the craziest ones of all time.

And Coastal Carolina gave PETA a heart attack after they performed a decapitation with a chainsaw in their locker room.

A lot of attention obviously goes to what happens on the field during the games.

But when the locker room makes the news you know it’s gonna be very good or very bad.

Who can forget Ryan Leaf’s only memorable moment in the NFL when he went off on a reporter for asking how he could go one for fifteen in a game for just four yards.

And then on the other side of the spectrum you got former UNC basketball coach Roy Williams doing his best old white man dance in the locker room.

Then you got UNC’s football coach over here pointing to all the body parts that are aching on his old ass after the game.

But to add to the weirdness going on in Carolina locker rooms, this celebration at Coastal Carolina from a recent game tops the charts.

After beating a 1-5 Arkansas State, the Chanticleer’s decided to cut off the head of a stuffed wolf with a chainsaw.

What in God’s name is going on at Coastal Carolina?

From the cape to the headless wolf, this is by far one of the weirdest events to ever take place in a locker room.

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