As the NFL continues to run to the Left, there are few players willing to take a stand for what is right.

But one of the most notable players who has been willing to take a stand against the COVID tyranny is Cole Beasley.

And Cole Beasley showed the NFL why so many Americans love him with this one unbelievable gesture for a fan.

It’s hard to deny the fact that the NFL has been flocking to the Left’s agenda over the past several years.

Ever since Colin Kaepernick decided to use his failing career to push Black Lives Matter, the NFL has done everything they can to pacify the radical leftist group.

Now we have to suffer through the so-called “black national anthem” being played before games and BLM messaging all over the football field.

But things got a lot worse for conservatives with the NFL when they decided to enforce COVID tyranny.

Players were pressured into getting the jab against their will and now fans are being denied entrance to games because of their vaccination status.

And one player that has taken a stand against it all is Cole Beasley.

Beasley has been extremely vocal on social media attacking vaccine facism.

But what Beasley just did made him the true number one to many fans.

The Buffalo Bills recently decided to force a vaccine mandate for their home games for fans.

As a result, one Bills fan desperately reached out to Beasley after he bought season tickets but was unvaccinated.

He tweeted out, “sad day for me as a Buffalo fan. I was bringing my 10 year old daughter to her first game in December all the way from Albuquerque. Already bought tickets. I won’t get the shot so now I don’t know what to do. I probably need to sell the tickets and find an away game.”

And Bealey graciously responded, “If you find an away game you are able to go to then I will buy the tickets for you guys. DM me names and every thing and I’ll figure out the best way to make it happen. Wish she could witness the mafia!”

And there are some reports floating around that Beasley is buying them tickets to their matchup with Kansas City.

You can’t beat this.

A fan has his hopes crushed by COVID tyranny only to be personally rescued by Cole Beasley.

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