With the Jacksonville Jaguars signing Tim Tebow to play tight end, chatter has once again picked up about someone bringing in Colin Kaepernick.

That talk just took a strange turn.

And Colin Kaepernick got one message about an NFL comeback that he never expected to hear.

Ex-player, social justice warrior journalists, and even current NFL players were up in arms over the Jacksonville Jaguars signing Tim Tebow to a one year contract to play tight end.

Accusations of “white privilege” flew around and many left-leaning personalities in the world of sports demanded that a team sign Colin Kaepernick to balance the scales.

TMZ interviewed legendary former Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Jimmy Smith who panned the idea of the team bringing in Kaepernick.

“We don’t need Colin Kaepernick on our team,” Smith told TMZ.

Smith stated the obvious that Kaepernick’s political protests would “divide our locker room.”

Instead, Smith praised the idea of Jacksonville bringing in a team-first player like Tim Tebow who was willing to change positions because that is what was asked of him.

“We need a guy like Tim Tebow, who’s a hometown hero who has love for the city anyway,” Smith added.

Smith also explained that a high character player like Tim Tebow could help number one overall draft pick Trevor Lawrence ease into the league.

“He’s going to be a great support for Trevor Lawrence,” Smith stated. “Whatever capacity that is, it’s going to be a positive rather than a negative.”

“I pray that he makes the 53-man roster because we need all we can get,” Smith concluded.

Tim Tebow will now head to Jaguars training camp with a chance to make the roster.

And despite his many haters in the left-leaning world of sports, there is support for Tebow in Jacksonville.

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