Anti-American former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is once again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

As usual, Kaepernick made news for a protest.

But this time Colin Kaepernick got some bad news about a protest that left him reeling.

As part of his transition away from being a pro athlete and into being a social justice “icon,” Kaepernick signed a deal with Netflix to produce a series entitled “Colin in Black and White,” starring Michael Jaden as Kaepernick, and with A-list director Ana DuVernay helming the project.

But the series got off to a rocky start when cast and crew panicked that anti-Black Lives Matter protestors would disrupt filming.

TMZ reports:

The Colin Kaepernick TV production is taking security measures in the wake of a threat at the hands of anti-BLM protesters . . . TMZ Sports has learned.

Executives on the project sent an email to the staff with measures to protect the cast and crew. We will not disclose the measures, but the honchos are clearly taking it seriously.

Production sources tell TMZ Sports, they were told the anti-BLM group was planning a protest last Friday at the location shoot. That protest did not materialize, but it caused worry among cast and crew.

The Proud Boys protests never materialized and production proceeded as scheduled.

Kaepernick doesn’t even pretend to want to play in the NFL anymore.

Now he’s a Hollywood mogul and full on social justice activist.

But getting involved in politics means there will be protests for and against whatever you stand for.

The Proud Boys is a controversial group with a few members who were arrested at the January 6th Capitol Riot.

However, the greatest danger they pose is the fact that Antifa tends to show up when they protest and pick fights.

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