Colin Kaepernick was the ringleader of the NFL’s anti-American national anthem protests.

Now the league has embraced his anti-military and anti-flag demonstrations.

But Colin Kaepernick had this surprising reaction to the NFL national anthem protests.

After the riots following George Floyd’s death, the NFL pledged $250 million to the Marxist Black Lives Matter organization.

League commissioner Roger Goodell apologized for originally opposing Kaepernick’s protest and the league painted Black Lives Matter slogans in every team’s end zone and played the so-called “black national anthem” before every week one game.

Despite bending over backwards to accommodate a group of America-hating players, Colin Kaepernick still bashed the NFL’s efforts as “propaganda” and demanded a team sign former Panthers safety Eric Reid.

Reid was the first player to support Kaepernick’s protest back in 2016.

But the Panther released the 11-year-veteran last May as part of a move to save space under the salary cap.

When the Panthers released Reid, Reid thanked the team on social media and did not assume any ill will.

“It’s been a pleasure Carolina!” Reid tweeted. “I enjoyed my time and the support I received from the fans, media, teammates, and staff there will be remembered. Looking forward to furthering my career in another city!”

There is nothing the NFL can do to please Kaepernick and his fellow radicals.

Every concession will be met with a new demand.

Now the NFL is stuck catering to anti-American lunatic players while its fan base flees in droves.

Ratings were down 28 percent for the league’s showcase Sunday night game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Rams while broadcast networks televised and celebrated the America-hating players’ protests.

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