Anti-American quarterback Colin Kaepernick won’t go away.

For some reason, corporations keep paying him millions of dollars to stay in the spotlight.

But Colin Kaepernick made a fool out of himself with this insane video about the NFL.

In a clip from Colin Kaepernick’s Netflix docuseries Colin in Black & White, Kaepernick is seen discussing how teams measure prospects for the NFL draft.

The draft is the lifeblood of every franchise and teams will measure, poke, and prod every aspect of a prospect’s body and physical attributes before settling on which players they will use valuable draft picks on in hopes of building their next Super Bowl championship team.

Of course, to Colin Kaepernick, teams doing their due diligence on draft prospects was exactly the same thing as chattel slavery.

In the video from his Netflix series, Kaepernick is seen describing the process of teams measuring draft prospects’ physical attributes as the players shift from the NFL combine to standing in chains for a slave auction.

This comparison is so mind-numbingly stupid it almost doesn’t deserve a debunking.

But blacks that were sold into slavery had no choice in the matter and were unpaid slave labor.

No one forces any prospect to take up professional football as a career and the minimum NFL salary in 2021 is $660,000.

Finally, Colin Kaepernick has a multi-million-dollar contract with Nike, which uses factories in Communist China to produce their products.

The Communist Chinese put Muslims in slave labor concentration camps, but Kaepernick has never spoken out about Nike entering into business relationships with a government that utilizes slave labor.

Kaepernick’s ethics appear to be very situational based on how much money he gets paid.

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