Former quarterback Colin Kaepernick led the NFL on a path to self-destruction with his anti-American anthem protest.

The league has since gone “woke” and jeopardized its business.

Now Kaepernick made one political statement that left everyone’s jaw on the floor.

Colin Kaepernick proves with each passing day that he’s been profoundly radicalized to the far Left.

He went from protesting against police brutality in 2016 to celebrating cop killers in 2020.

Kaepernick recently appeared in a video where he advocated for the release of Mumia Abu-Jamal, a former Black Panther who was convicted of murdering a police officer in 1981.

In the video, Kaepernick says, “Mumia has been in prison longer than I’ve been alive . . . Since 1981, Mumia has maintained his innocence. His story has not changed . . . Mumia was shot, brutalized, arrested, and chained to a hospital bed.”

The Left never repudiates their ideological criminals; they celebrate them.

It’s why Che Guevara T-shirts are still being sold and Hollywood has made multiple hagiographic films about him.

Multiple eyewitnesses said Mumia shot officer Daniel Faulkner in the back, then shot him in the face as he lay on the ground.

Faulkner had performed a traffic stop on Mumia’s younger brother in Philadelphia, which turned into a physical altercation.

Ballistic evidence also tied Mumia’s gun to the crime scene, and he later admitted he shot Faulkner and hoped he died.

Despite overwhelming evidence against him, Mumia has been turned into a cult hero among the hard Left.

Kaepernick’s transformation began when he took classes in critical race theory at Berkeley during an offseason with the San Francisco 49ers.

It’s obvious he was indoctrinated by Bay Area 1960s radicals because that has now become his identity.

Kaeernick’s “Know Your Rights” campaign was modeled after the Black Panthers’ educational program.

And he recently promoted the work of communist activist Angela Davis, who toured the Eastern bloc in the 1970s as a hero after being acquitted of conspiring to murder a judge.

Kaepernick has become a caricature of a 1960s radical.

While he’s spreading socialist agitprop, he’s also cutting deals with the largest corporations in the world.

He’s a complete fraud who’s promoting some of the worst ideas and some of the worst people on the planet.

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