Anti-American quarterback Colin Kaepernick is focusing his political protests on a new target.

Kaepernick is taking the most radical stand anyone has ever seen.

And Colin Kaepernick made this announcement about the police that left Americans red with rage.

Colin Kaepernick went there.

The disgraced America-hating quarterback announced his publishing company was releasing its first work, a collection of essays about abolishing the police and prisons in America.

Kaepernick is just confirming what many already suspected, that Kaepernick hated police and his protest of kneeling during the national anthem was not rooted in any real principle.

The first hint came in 2016 when Kaepernick wore socks that had pigs dressed up as police to practice in full view of the media.

Kaepernick falsely claims that police are racist killers hunting around for innocent unarmed black men to kill in order to satisfy their bigoted blood lust.

After George Floyd’s death last year, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell apologized for his opposition toward Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem.

Many fans are wondering if the NFL now has any regrets trying to cozy back up to Kaepernick now that he is calling to abolish the police.

Crime is skyrocketing in cities across America as politicians jumped on the “defund the police” bandwagon following last summer’s Black Lives Matter riots.

The policies Kaepernick is advocating for will only hurt the people he claims to want to help.

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