Colin Kaepernick Opinion Poll

In the wake of riots that have rocked America, former NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick stated: “We have the right to fight back!”

Kaepernick has also been praised by the media for starting a Legal Defense Fund to bail out rioters.

But many Americans believe he’s just stoking the flames as he did when he staged a protest of the National Anthem, wore socks depicting police officers as pigs, and donned a pro-Fidel Castro t-shirt during a press conference in Miami.

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  1. Trump has beat the Dem, and the msm , and deep state, and the Rino’s, and Hollywood . He has outsmarted the House nuts ,and bugeyes he will go on to do the job he said he would do. And I will vote for him . Trump 2020. 2024. 2028.

  2. AHH! The ignorant and brainless left…. the epitome’ of dumb down, down… dumber than dumb!

  3. Having been afforded all kinds of opportunity by being ADOPTED by a WHITE FAMILY, he dishonors & disgraces THEM! That is horrific & selfish, thankless, & self serving. What a loser ! He is a disgrace to BOTH the blacks & the whites…

  4. He is capitalizing on the injustice and horrific death! Quick too! He disgraces the 49ers!! He disgraces a mans memory for profit!
    My husband was killed in a rollover truck accident due to negligence! His body was in pieces! I would be horrified if someone tried to profit from his death!

  5. It’s someone like him that just wants to keep stirring up trouble that will get him NOWHERE, he needs to SHUTUP and GROW UP, TRUMP will prevail no matter what the losers say or do !!!

  6. He is a person with very limited football talent and also a person who, even though he is not a child, has never grown up!!!!! Not worth any kind of effort.

  7. When Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem, he was done as far as I am concerned. And so is the NFL. Football is an American pastime, one in which we should be able to enjoy watching without someone creating division, stirring up racism, and shoving their anti-American views via halftime shows/National Anthem down our throats. Honestly, people, we have to start pushing back and standing up for our country, our future, and our families and putting God back into the formula if we want to survive.

  8. His true colors will be showing sooner than later
    It’ll catch up in due time when one least expect it
    Karma always has a hand in theses matters
    Patience, patience…..

  9. He went to school in Turlock and the things he got away with because he played football that the other students would have been expelled for is garbage. What he’s doing is more harm then good.

  10. He is about as low of a low life as he can possibly be!
    All the good football has done for him, he turned into a down and dirt scoundrel.
    Have you ever seen the estate that football has given him? You wouldn’t believe what you see.
    He is an ungrateful SOB. He is not worthy to be an American.
    He should be made to pack up and leave American. He doesn’t deserve a wonderful country like USA.

  11. Hes is a thief, a thug, a VERY Un-American, disgusting hater of all that is decent. He should be charged w/ inciting hate, riots & have his mouth taped shut PERMANENTLY!!

  12. All these rioters should be drafted and use their anger and hatred protecting their country and families. That’ll take the starch out of them. They cry about living in squalor. Well look what they are doing. They are turning their towns into squalor. They create their own problems.

  13. This man is s 100% fool, dose nothing to help the people he claims he wish to stand for. He and Biden,Obumer,have done nothing to help the black community. How much of his money has he put into these communities. He think that continuing the hate is great. Maybe this moron and his followers should go live in communist country. He he an insult to every man and women that fought and died or sacrificed for this country. And as well time to crush the Democrats once and for all in November.

  14. Send this survey to random selected people and you’ll get a very different result.
    trump is a racist KKK supported coward and his supporters are no different.

  15. Leon, who believes Trump is a racist as are his supporters, is one idiot who just doesn’t take the time to discover the truth. It’s either that or he is just too left wing dumb to understand the truth! Trump must win in November or America is finished.

  16. disgusting human being
    who has dishonored himself, his first chosen profession of football, (now appears to have been trying to rip off football and to just be an ignorant crazy person,
    dishonored his country and flag, and some say his family too.

    I hope that he seeks redemption of all those that he has agrieved and who have been hurt by his actions including God.
    But redemption which I believe that he must seek, via requesting forgiveness by word and deed.
    Will he do it? Depends on whether he wants it or not. If not today, maybe later.

  17. David,
    It looks to me that Trump is doing his best to finish America long before November! Re: K, I suppose he grabbed his $$$ settlement from the NFL and is using it to fund rioters who are only adding to the % of unemployed, mostly in poor, marginal income neighborhoods. If that is his “fighting back’ message he must surely be experiencing a misaligned mentality!

  18. I would care less if I read in the paper that Colin Kaepernick caught the coronavirus with terminal results. Good riddance!

  19. yes, I was just thinking…Wasn’t Colin Kaepernick adopted by a white woman/couple? is that a contributing factor to his racial hostility? Don’t follow football, so perhaps I am mistaken

  20. Colin. Kaepernick has a choice, he can either go back to Africa where his ancestors originated or be gracious and thankful that he live in this country, had a chance to make himself rich and continue to enjoy freedom. But what he did he let greed and stupidity went to his pea brain…He is an ingrate and a obnoxious person.

  21. I think he should protest in a different way. Not by kneeing disrespecting the National Anthem and the american flag. With all the money he’s making he shouldn’t have anything to say at all. But that’s what these trouble makers do. He should be happy to even be here in America. He’s a lowlife rich guy!

  22. I personally do not care if this douche ever plays football again in this lifetime. I think he’s a disgrace to the sport and to humanity in general. In fact, I’m sick of his very name.

  23. He doesn’t want to play football. He is a con man, getting the liberals/Democrats to front for him and he makes a lot of money from his CAUSE. He got demoted by the LA Rams from a first to a second string quarterback because he lost out to a player with more talent. He refused to sign a contract and started his BS tricks on the American public. If he had the talent one of the NFL teams would have signed him to a hefty contract but they didn’t. The fact that he is a rabble rouser is a point of concern but TALENT is the important factor. Finally, he was supposed to present his talents to the pro’s in an open tryout and the day of the tryout he changed the location. Had he put his talents on display at the predetermined location in front of the press he would have come up as NOT ENOUGH TELENT and his scam was over. The Commissioner of the NFL is stupid for falling for the scam time after time and the press presents this as an anti Black issue. It’s really a BS issue.



  25. He is all about him, very selfish individual. Taking a stand is one thing, but doing it to divide your team , your league, the fans , and more importantly your country is another.

    I’ve heard of milking a situation is one thing, but this is ridiculous. We do need to come together as a country, but filling this guy’s overblown ego is not the way.

    Doesn’t anyone think if any NFL team thought he was good enough to play in the league, that he would be there right now? He was a one hit wonder , that when the other teams figured him out, they turned him into a very ordinary Quarterback.

  26. KAEPERNICK is on a high right now thinking everyone is kneeling to his command! He will find out soon this will last a short season!

  27. We decided we would just stop watching football until they stop kneeling. Didn’t watch a year ago and it’s something we can do without. Why should we promote them if they do t like our country!

  28. Kids used to look up to sports figures as great men & women. Sports greats gave their autographs to kids. What kid could ever look up to this guy as a great. Very sad turn in sports

  29. He is a totally incompetent racist tool of sports products. Please tell him that kneeling is a sign of surrender and subservience. When Spartacus killed his Roman Oppressor, he made him kneel to him. Kaepernick is apparently to stupid to know the difference. I only kneel to GOD. Respect the flag you moron idiot.

  30. Dems are like spoiled brats…..throwing tantrums when they don’t get their way, pushing other people around, & bragging about themselves to get attention.
    Ungrateful, unforgiving, & unholy…..there aren’t enough ‘uns’ to describe this type person. We’ve all met these people many times during our lives. Please do not become one of them!

  31. Kaepernick is garbage/ DONE. Tired of listening to the riff raff out there. Kaepernick made his bed, now he lies in it.

  32. Obama will go down in history the worst President in history, he should be in jail for what he and three others did ,that makes the United States look very weak in the United States! God bless you Mr. Trump stay strong you will be the greatest President. Take care you are the best. God bless. Colin, is the only one that knows what he was going to do and it wasn’t good for his future, sorry you choose.

  33. Colin Kaepernick was calling attention to a problem that shouldn’t exist in the first place. Racial issues!! It has nothing to do with “him having loads of money” (so he should be happy) or with the American Flag. Our Creator created all people…..Black, Brown, Red, White and Yellow equal!!! But for some reason there are loads of people who don’t believe that and THAT’S what he was protesting about, as I see it. He did it very respectfully and peacefully!!! No one was hurt or killed….no damage done to other peoples property or business was wrecked or broken down. To my way of thinking he did it the only right way to get something done!!! It’s just a darn shame the not many people think that way. Most of us just seem to want to pick other’s apart and bombard them with criticism and hate. What the heck is wrong with that kind of thinking and where did it come from????!!!!!

  34. Yes we do. When people stop watching and attending the games their huge. Salaries will disappear. Maybe that will wake them up

  35. No matter what he says or does , it wouldn’t matter to the left. He didn’t ask for the Chinese Virus , the shut down or for either man to be killed in Atlanta & Minneapolis. Look at the statistics on the number of black people vs white people killed by police. I live in the south and the killings or murders in and around me are black on black…

  36. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “…the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits…”. You, Leon, are an example of the accuracy of his words. You’re, simply, intellect challenged and a moron.

  37. You must have that crystal ball as well as the other person who made that same stupid comment. How do you determine that everyone making comments on this site is racist..

  38. Kap the moron needs to learn to spell. There is no “I” in team unless they have changed the spelling to TEIM. He is a self important, small minded idiot.

  39. I think where the hatred or dislike of Colin came from was because he disrespected the Flag and the national anthem. If you don’t like America LEAVE… no one is making anyone stay here. Why didn’t he go and talk to Police and Sheriff’s offices instead of taking a knee. There are other ways to get your cause out there

  40. He is a disgrace, hope he never plays football again. If he doesn’t like America, he should go somewhere else.

  41. If he was such a great guy and activist, instead of kneeling there were actions he could/should have taken to help correct the ‘police brutality’ of minorities. Did he go to the Police themselves for solutions? Did he ask his NFL brothers to go into their communities and reach out to effect change? No he did not (at least not to my knowledge). If he did either it would have been shouted off rooftops, just like his kneeling was. If he and his buddies had perhaps what we are seeing now would not have happened. Instead he caused a lot of dissension, ruining a sport that was much loved.

  42. Colin Kaepernick is a preening coxcomb, a ne’er-do-well and has become both a pathetic tool of BLM, a running dog of the far left lunatics, and one more reason to watch Natalie Gulbis of the LPGA instead of the clowns kneeling for criminals in the NFL. But sadly, like so many total air heads of the Gwinneth Paltrow edamame mold, strident brainless Hollywood loud mouths of the Robert DeNiro type, synthetically enhanced moronic nymphomaniacs like Stormy Daniels, lying avaricious criminal fringe attorneys like Michael Avenatti, when he gets out of the federal pen in 2064, and raving senescent imbeciles like Rep. Pelosi (D) of CA, Kaepernick, despite the all too obvious hogwash he studiously spews, will end up a multi-millionaire in this golden land of opportunity, adventure and sell outs to the highest bidder.

  43. I’m done with the NFL… no sweatshirts, swag, beer ads or other ad-goodies! They have destroyed my interest! The owners could very simply say that “This is the way it is going to be, or you are off the team and out of the league.” If the managers wuss out, then “There’s the door!” If they feel squeamish or feel they need to cave to the hot-button issues rather than stand strong for our country and the game of football, then I have no use for the entire league. No balls? – Soccer anyone?

  44. If a team brings that bum back into the league, I will not be watching any football anytime soon.

  45. Sorry Jim. Colin K is the racist. He hates white people. Anyway, we are all sick and tired of all this racist crap day in and day out. It is getting boring and it has run it course.

  46. Sorry Jim. Colin K is the racist. He hates white people. Anyway, we are all sick and tired of all this racist crap day in and day out. It is getting boring and it has run it course.

  47. You want to take a knee do it on your own time, i no longer watch football , plus you where not that good

  48. Then you should be charged as well – your words show you are a disgusting traitor to America.

  49. Disgusting and disgrace to our country. Colin, idiots, liberals, we’re sick and tired of your hatred.

  50. Kaepernick? He already found out that no team in the NFL wants him because he’s not that good. He is a big baby and could draw attention the only way he could because he can’t play anymore. Go home to Cuba, I heard that they have a league down there that you can play in. Take a knee at one of their games and see what happens .

  51. He’s a POS. Now I have more free time to do important things instead of watching a Black Sport supported almost entirely by White Americans while we are treated like racist by the NFL players who are the most racist along with most Blacks in the USA. No other Country would afford the opportunities these ungrateful players have and they don’t appreciate it. Millionaires who say they are oppressed. B.S.

  52. Any team that gives him a contract had better have an air tight way of getting rid of him without law suit and that they CAN actually get rid of this has been troublemaker. He hates American and all she stands for and is a racist washed up nobody the media keeps dredging up out of the swamp. I would watch NO team he plays with.

  53. I get it. Anyone who believes in law and order must be racist. The anarchists are brilliant at using race as a tool for their cause.

  54. A bunch of interesting comments.

    Too bad he did not use all the money he made, to learn how to communicate in an intelligent way, that might have generated some support.

    Typical Black athletes who make more money than they ever should, and expect the rest of us to listen to them.

    Take your money and ideas and help the poor, impoverished intercity youths, help them in becoming productive members of society.

    Just because you are a Pro Athlete, DOES NOT mean any one wants to here from you.

    You want change, starts with YOU.

  55. If you are talking about Kaepernick I agree big time. He is a piece of donkey dung. If you are talking about Pres. Trump I stick with what I said; “No he is not!!! You are.

  56. Very hard for a person who has worn the uniform of this nation, and would lay down his/her life for it to understand his thinking.

  57. Oh, don’t hurt the feelings of our rock population. Maybe dumb as the slim on the rocks would be appropriate. Or could be the poop left by wild animals.

  58. You can count on my family and friends to stand with you, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Colin is a traitor he should get down on the ground and kiss it and thank the good Lord for all his abilities God gave them to him but instead he spits in his creators face bad bad ungrateful dude cut his salary /////

  60. You can’t teach stupid, but in his case of history he get an A+ for ignorance of historical events he rails against of America!

  61. All the comments above sound like they are talking about trump….trump is the enemy of the us armed forces…our hero’s deserve better than a draft dodging bum

  62. All you haters can not cite a single action that the President has taken that has in any way been racist or illegal. I am tired of the continual repeating of the false claims and charges being made by the Democrats, CNN MSNBC and the talking air head on the major net works. The AP can no longer give a news account without shifting it to an op ed.

  63. He is nothing more than a little rich boy thumbing his nose at society. He has gotten his attention, now let’s move on to something worthwhile! And EVERYTHING is more worthy of our attention than him! I won’t be buying anything from the brand that pays him, obviously they have no taste.

  64. only watched one game since all the kneeling garbage started. giving up on nba too, idiots. I’m a Spurs fan not so much since their coach keeps slamming Trump.

  65. I was a season ticket holder from 1977 through the year Kapernick returned to the 49ers and fizzled out. After that I sold my seat license (at a $2,000 loss), and have not watched a football game since. I expect the NFL to see the same thing happen to their franchise this year as they continue to see the game politicized.

  66. Heck I thought they were talking about Biden!! Biden accomplished virtually nothing for this country in his entire career in politics and his family has taken advantage of Joe’s connections and all become millionaires doing it.

  67. i firmly believe that he should be deported to another country,VENZUELA YES,he is a disgrace to the great black americans.

  68. Thank you for seeing him for what he truly is – a spoiled brat who sold out in his lawsuit for the money. It’s what he is after anyway.

  69. Cut his toungh out. My 25 year old grandson knows more than he does. He needs his credentials taken away and never allow to practice in the research again. He’s ruined one Doctor’s life.

  70. There are not enough bad names in the English language to describe this freak. He should be castrated so that the world never has to tolerate another piece of garbage spawned by him.

  71. Go back to when this idiot started kneeling. It was, at the time, about his being sat on the bench for poor play. It morphed into not supporting the military. After major blow back it became about the flag and finally because of bad policing with BLACKS. This loser getting all of this attention for something that started with an attitude “its all about ME” is a shame and an unfortunate choice by many Blacks.
    I pulled the plug on the NFL back when this started. Wished recently I could have done more when a former college QB alumni and an NFL QB compared this person as a hero on the same level as Tillman. What an idiot but he is entitled to his opinion.
    AAWR ( apparently a white racist )
    PS: This crap with the National Anthem should see the end of the NFL. Nothing wrong with improvement but if you don’t like it here get out. This is about nothing more than a bunch thugs, the me me gang and the swamp working together to disrespect this country and tear it down.

  72. Thanks to him and the NFL Bowing to him and other anti patriotic idiots, I’ve went from an avid fan, to a man that will never watch another game. They have no ethics

  73. His antics are the very reason I no longer attend, watch, or follow professional football. I can’t understand why any red-blooded American would even care what this washed-up former player has to say about anything. I say washed-up because if he was as a good a player as he thinks he is he would have been signed by some team regardless of how ridiculous he acts. To hell with those overpaid, underperforming cry babies. I prefer college and high school football because most play for love of the game.

  74. Dorothy. You say you are tired of it, but you seem to revel in reading and repeating everything you can about it — as long a it expresses your own hatred. Start thinking for yourself for a change.

  75. You are 1,000 per cent correct. When o buma and plugs were in for 8 years they did nothing for blacks. Trump has helped all minorities more than any former president. Look at black jobs.


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