Colin Kaepernick is the “founding father” of the movement to turn sports into another forum for left-wing political activism.

That change started when Kaepernick began his anti-American national anthem protest.

And now Colin Kaepernick proved his entire protest was a lie with one comment about police.

A Louisville grand jury – made up of everyday citizens – declined to indict the officers involved in the raid for the death of Breonna Taylor.

According to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron – who is black – police executed a lawful search warrant on the apartment Taylor shared with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker.

After announcing themselves and breaking down the door, Walker opened fire on police.

Police shot back and Taylor was tragically killed in the exchange.

Cameron and the grand jury found this to be a justified use of force.

But instead, Colin Kaepernick accused a black man – Cameron – of acting on behalf of a “white supremacist institution” and that police must be abolished.

It is insulting and offensive to think Daniel Cameron decided to internalize white supremacy or that he is any less black because of how he evaluated the evidence and grand jury findings in this case.

But the Breonna Taylor case became a trendy case for athletes and celebrities to promote even though they lied through their teeth about it from day one.

The police did not shoot Taylor while she slept in another room after executing a no-knock warrant.

Police did not break down the door to the wrong home.

Everything about the case was a tragedy from the start.

But instead of waiting for the truth, Kaepernick and his fellow “woke” athletes fed the public a pack of lies, which led to violent riots in Louisville where two police officers were shot.

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