The College Football Playoff is set for next week.

Everyone is looking forward to seeing who emerges as a champion.

But now College Football just announced this crazy change to the playoffs.

College Football is the latest American institution to succumb to Omicron fear porn.

Despite studies in the U.K. showing those infected with Omicron are 80 percent less likely to end up in the hospital, the College Football Playoff committee announced insane new COVID protocols for the semifinals and finals.

If a team playing in the semi-finals experiences a COVID outbreak, its opponent automatically advances to the finals to play the winner of the other semi-final.

Should both teams in one semi-final be unavailable to play, the winner of the other game is the champion.

If three teams do not have the minimum number of players available, then the one team that’s not experiencing a COVID outbreak is the champion.

And worst of all, the new “rules” for the Final could result in no champion for 2021.

The College Football Playoff committee press release stated:

CFP National Championship – If the team’s unavailability is determined after the Playoff Semifinals have been conducted, the national championship game in Indianapolis may be rescheduled to no later than Friday, January 14. If one team is able to play and the other is not and the game cannot be rescheduled or is rescheduled and cannot be played, then the team unable to play shall forfeit the game and the other team shall be declared CFP National Champion. If both teams are unable to play on either an original or rescheduled date, then the game shall be declared “no contest” and the CFP National Championship shall be vacated for this season.

The vast majority of college football players and coaches got the vaccine.

College football needs to adopt protocols like the NFL recently did where they stop testing asymptomatic and unvaccinated players.

The Omicron wave right now is more fear than fact.

There is not a confirmed fatality in the United States.

And even though college football teams are mostly vaccinated, the sport is already planning to deprive fans of a true champion because of what looks like a minor cold.

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