With the FDA rushing through full approval of the vaccine, now left-wing universities are even more emboldened to implement vaccine mandates.

Now students are paying the price as a result.

And college football players are starting to enter the transfer portal as they are kicked off teams for refusing the vaccine.

In an act of amazing coincidence, the FDA rushed through and announced the full approval of the vaccine during likely the worst week of Biden’s Presidency.

And it’s affecting the college football world.

The first well-known player in a major conference just announced that he is entering the transfer portal after his college tried to force him to get vaccinated.

Peyton Powell was a four-star high school football athlete coming out of Texas a couple years ago.

The kid played quarterback and had moves that would make Patrick Mahomes blush.

Powell ended up signing on to Rutgers for the 2020 season and was on the team as safety.

But his tenure at Rutgers was short lived after the university gave all students an ultimatum: get vaccinated or get out.

Well Peyton Powell decided to follow his personal freedom and announced on Twitter that he is entering the transfer portal to leave the tyrannical university.

Powell claimed, “The University of Rutgers has made the COVID vaccine mandatory to attend school and play football, therefore I have no other choice but to enter my name into the transfer portal.”

It is only a matter of time before other college athletes join Powell and go to universities that actually value students’ rights.

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