The Dallas Cowboys are already regretting signing Dak Prescott to his blockbuster deal.

The man is a turnover machine.

And Dak Prescott has Jerry Jones seeing another losing season after he had a horrific first day of practice.

Like every other team in the league, the Dallas Cowboys are only as good as their quarterback.

Back in their prime days, they were led by Troy Aikman to numerous Super Bowls.

Say what you will about him, but the man could throw a football.

But contrary to what any Cowboys fan will tell you, the Cowboys have sucked big time since Aikman mainly because their quarterbacks suck.

Well, Jerry Jones believed he solved the Cowboy’s Super Bowl drought by giving him the second largest NFL contract ever signed for a quarterback.

Dak was given a whopping four-year deal worth $160,000,000.

And to continue his reign of excellence to earn such a deal, Dak just threw three picks in the first full offensive practice of the year.

The first pick came to cornerback Maurice Canady off of a bad pass by Dak.

The second pick came from a horrible pass into traffic.

Then to complete the hat trick, Dak threw the ball right to a defender for a pick six.

And, shockingly, after Dak’s dismal start to training camp now he is injured with a sore arm.

It’s great to see the Boys in midseason form already.

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