Deion Sanders is one of the most sought after college football coaches on the market.

And in true Prime Time fashion, Deion Sanders revealed that he will be going to Colorado to shake up the Pac-12.

But Sanders could already be out of a job as Colorado’s athletic director admitted one huge issue.

A good coach is hard to find.

That’s why teams are always hiring and firing coaches just to find the right fit for their program.

If you’re good in college football you stay and you advance while making a name for yourself.

But if you suck as a head coach in college football, you’ll be out of the game faster than you came in.

It’s a cutthroat world.

But no one was made more for the world of college football than Deion Sanders.

Prime Time lives for the amount of publicity, energy, and ego that it takes to coach a division one college football program.

And in just two short years with Jackson State, Sanders has also shown that he knows what it takes to win games and to make dynasties in college football.

And because of his success, he was announced as the new head coach for the University of Colorado.

That’s a big step for Coach Prime coming from division one FCS to a power five program.

Now Deion Sanders will have the ability to prove that he is worth his weight in salt as he makes a name for himself in the Pac-12.

But there’s one glaring issue that came out over the weekend as Colorado was lit up with excitement with the new hire.

The University of Colorado doesn’t have the money to pay Deion Sanders his contract.

Deion Sanders’ contract is for five years and $29 million.

And when the athletic director Rick George was asked about this one little detail, his response put the press in shock.

He noted, “We don’t have the money yet, but I know we’ll have it, so I’m not worried about that piece.”

How embarrassing is that?

You hire the biggest name in college football then you admit you don’t have the money to pay the coach – “yet.”

Colorado better hope that Deion Sanders brings the energy they are hoping for so he can bring in the money to get himself paid.

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