In the cutthroat world of college football, legend Deion Sanders has emerged as one of the next great coaches.

Now it looks like Deion Sanders may be going mainstream and leaving the small-town Jackson State University behind.

And Deion Sanders was eager to tell the world what power five teams are offering him his next gig.

College football is a cutthroat world.

If you lose games you lose your jobs with little chance of a second chance.

But if you win, you are rewarded greatly and odds are you will move up the ranks and be in a top-tier program in no time.

And this is something that football legend Deion Sanders is finding out in real time.

The man has taken a tiny division one program like Jackson State University and has made them a powerhouse in college football.

And it’s mostly because Deion Sanders knows how to connect with the kids coming into his program and how to use the new world of name, image, and likeness to get the big names to his program.

And that’s something any power five program would want in their next head coach.

So it’s no shock that Deion Sanders is starting to get some interest from the biggest programs in college football.

But you won’t believe what major college program is trying their best to get Coach Prime.

Deion Sanders gleefully told the press that Colorado offered him their head coaching position.

But that’s not the only power five program that has reached out to Coach Prime.

When asked if Colorado reached out and if he was interested in coaching at such a high level, Sanders replied, “The report is true and they’re not the only ones. I would be a liar if I told you they didn’t. You know they did. I know they did. So it is what it is.”

And things are getting so serious for Sanders that he will reportedly be visiting other schools as early as this Sunday.

Time will tell if Coach Prime goes big time in coaching college football.

But from just what he has done at Jackson State, he will be a good fit no matter where he goes.

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