The world is burning with politicians failing us left and right to solve any real-world problems.

But thankfully, sports has provided us a true American hero and the great negotiator Dennis Rodman.

Now, Dennis Rodman is set to travel to Russia on a mission to save the world.

Can you think of anything else that could possibly go wrong in our world?

We had a flu that governments treated like the next black death.

Most of us were forced into our homes due to the kung flu.

Since then, we have had skyrocketing inflation where the cost of living is becoming unbearable.

But the biggest story in the news over the past several months is the war between Russia and Ukraine.

And to the shock of a handful of Americans who actually know about the WNBA, player Brittney Griner was detained and now convicted by the Russians for having some weed in her vape.

Not really a great loss.

But nobody told superhero Dennis Rodman that.

Rodman has a history of trying to solve world issues.

He previously struck a personal relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

And Rodman worked with Trump to develop the first talking points with the North Korean dictator.

But now Rodman is a man on a new mission.

Rodman is going to Russia to save Brittney Griner.

He told NBC News in a restaurant that “I got permission to go to Russia to help that girl. I’m trying to go this week.”

But many experts are claiming that Rodman will cause more harm than good.

How much worse can our relations get with Biden as President?

Our Sports with Balls team of experts say send in the assist maker and watch the magic happen.

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