No matter the sport, Detroit is just a city full of losers.

Nearly everything within the city is falling apart and now their city park’s slides are just as dangerous as its streets.

And Detroit continues to take the L as now residents are getting destroyed by a giant slide.

Name a sports league and odds are one of the worst teams in the league is from Detroit.

In the NBA, the Detroit Pistons finished near the bottom of the league and haven’t been competitive for years.

The Detroit Red Wings are a has-been team with one of the worst records in the NHL this past year.

The Detroit Tigers were once a team that contended for a pennant every year.

But this year they are hovering near the bottom of the American League.

And do we even have to mention the Detroit Lions?

The Lions haven’t won a playoff game since 1992.

And that 1992 win is literally the Lions’ ONLY playoff win since the establishment of the NFL.

Needless to say, the city has a reputation for sucking.

But even with all the losers within Detroit’s city limits, the city managed to get worse recently and all because of a slide.

The Giant Slide at Belle Isle in Detroit has been there since the 1960’s but has been shut down for years due to safety reasons.

For some reason, Detroit’s Parks and Recs thought it would be a good idea to open up the death trap.

And local residents have been learning the hard way why the slide has been closed down in the first place.

Somebody needs to help this city before it completely becomes a lost cause.

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