Someone needs to save the sports world from ESPN.

The once legendary sports network seems to put the biggest idiots they can find in front of a camera with Stephen A. Smith leading the charge.

And dumber words have never been said than what just came out of Stephen A. Smith’s mouth.

Back when ESPN came out it was a brilliant idea.

A sports news station dedicated to bringing you breaking news and expert commentary on nothing but sports.

Nothing was ever tried like it before and Americans ate up ESPN more than most other news stations to air on our televisions.

But boy did ESPN go down the crapper.

Expert commentary was replaced with idiots who never played a sport in their life.

The network was filled with big personalities who just wanted to act a fool instead of providing substantive feedback on sporting events of the day.

And leading the ban of village idiots at ESPN is Stephen A. Smith.

The man in a boy’s body has few claims to fame.

Stephen A. is as loud as it gets for cable news to the point where small children and animals will run away in fear at the sound of the little man’s voice.

He has made a living off of trolling the Dallas Cowboys.

But worst of all, Stephen A. Smith is a race baiter.

He seems to inject race into any conversation just to grab attention.

And the latest comments by Stephen A. will make you sick to your stomach.

While commenting on the story that no African Americans are playing in the World Series, Stephen A. just blurted out of nowhere a rant about race, America, and how he doesn’t get paid enough.

He started his rant by saying, “We don’t trust this country in terms of meritocracy always. We know the bottom line is that, just like women are underpaid compared to male counterparts, blacks are underpaid compared to white counterparts.”

He continued his racist rant by claiming that he is underpaid because he is a short black man.

Stephen A. claimed, “I’m not talking about me, even though, I got news for you, I am underpaid compared to some people on television what they get paid, but that’s a subject for another day. I ain’t apologizing for that to a damn soul. I am underpaid. Having said all of that, it ain’t about me.”

The black dwarf literally makes around $12,000,000 a year just for being a pain in the ass for ESPN viewers.

Stephen A. Smith is the American dream, not the victim of America.

He shows that no matter how stupid, short, and ungifted you may be, you can still make it in the United States if you find the right niche or the right butt to kiss.

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