Americans love themselves a good ol’ beat down and fight.

But shockingly the biggest fight in recent memory just happened between a bunch of Brits.

In fact, England just had the biggest bar fight imaginable and all over soccer.

America was born a fighter.

After taking decades of crap from a bunch of pansy redcoats, we decided to tell King George to screw off and beat the hell out of the British all the way across the Atlantic.

And ever since 1776, Americans have admired a good beat down.

Oftentimes, Americans are the ones that are providing a good can of whoop ass.

Just ask the Nazis.

And most of the world’s best fighters came from the United States.

You got Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, and other top fighters in the world who came from the streets of America.

And fans at sporting events in the United States see it as a pastime to beat the hell out of each other.

But what has become a shock to many around the world, the best all-out brawl we have seen in recent memory came from England.

The video shows a fight between English and Welsh fans at a bar.

You have to show some respect to the Brits for this fight.

Some serious haymakers were being thrown.

But you also have to pity them at the same time.

This fight was all over a soccer game.

Could you imagine caring this much about a soccer game?

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