With all the pinheads and nerds on ESPN telling us about sports, the network has actually gotten pretty boring.

But that all changed this weekend when one ESPN anchor decided to take on a professional football player.

And an ESPN anchor may have died live on air after making a crude wife joke on a former NFL player.

This world is run by beta males.

Just look around.

Everyone from the President to your boss was probably the one getting swirlies in the toilet in high school.

But now the nerds run the show.

And this is even the case for ESPN.

You would think a sports news station would have more athletes than they would pinheads.

But in all reality, the network is filled with a bunch of wimps who have never played a down of football or thrown a baseball who are telling us the ins and outs of sports.

It’s almost comical when you think about it.

If you’re lucky you have a backup quarterback in high school giving us analysis on NFL players and what they’re thinking in certain situations.

But it’s about time that things change at ESPN.

And this weekend a beta male finally met the alpha male on ESPN.

During the SEC halftime report for the Florida versus Vanderbilt game, ESPN anchor Peter Burns made a comment about former NFL player Benjamin Watson’s wife.

After Burns gave Watson hell for the way he was dressed, Watson said he didn’t care as long as his wife texted telling him that he looked good.

Well Burns clapped back, “That isn’t the text she sends me.”

And boy was Watson hot.

They went into break and when they got back, Peter Burns was missing in action and Watson looked distraught getting back on the stage.

Put all those nerds at ESPN on notice to never cross a professional athlete again.

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