No one is safe from ESPN’s NFL “Mossed” segment.

Now even commie-loving LeBron James is getting humiliated by Randy Moss and ESPN.

And ESPN is dunking on LeBron James after he got “Mossed”.

ESPN has its fair share of bad segments like every other news broadcasting station.

They literally have one of the worst football coaches and NFL dropouts in Rex Ryan as a leading voice on coaching in the NFL.

But ESPN has some good segments as well that people wait in anticipation to watch.

One being Randy Moss’ “Mossed” segment where ESPN shows players getting humiliated by others doing Moss’ famous over-the-top catch.

But in a recent segment of “Mossed” even ESPN’s favorite leftist poster boy wasn’t safe from humiliation.

During the Lakers-Nets Christmas game, LeBron James actually decided to play a little defense for the first time in his life.

And unfortunately for James, he had Nic Claxton posterized him with a dunk that brought everyone to their feet.

So ESPN does what it does best and put James on the “Mossed” segment before Monday Night’s NFL game.

Wonder how much of a crybaby LeBron James was after he got slammed on and then humiliated by ESPN?

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