Anything can happen on live TV.

ESPN learned that lesson the hard way.

And now ESPN issued a major apology for this hilarious on-air blooper during Monday Night Football.

The “Manning cast” is the breakout star of the 2021 season.

Brothers Peyton and Eli sit in their living rooms and shoot the breeze about the game for an alternate telecast of ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast.

The Manning brothers bring one celebrity guest per quarter to watch the game with them and comment on the action.

A combination of humor, no-BS analysis from two legendary quarterbacks, and celebrity guests created a hit show.

On Monday night, the Manning brothers invited on former Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, and Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch during the first quarter of the Seahawks’ Monday Night matchup with the New Orleans Saints.

The show quickly flew off the rails as Lynch admitted he took three shots of Hennessey before coming on the air.

It only went downhill from there.

As the rain began to pour down with Seahawks leading 7-0, Peyton Manning and Marshawn Lynch began emphasizing the necessity of protecting the football.

The Saints then snapped the ball before being whistled for a penalty that blew the play dead.

Quarterback Jameis Winston then awkwardly spun around, which led Lynch to blurt out an F-bomb.

It was the perfect culmination of a bizarre segment where Lynch claimed he wished he could cut off his hands and trade them for one of Peyton Manning’s.

When the Lynch interview ended, and the game came back from commercial Peyton Manning apologized for Lynch’s language.

And while many did not approve of Lynch swearing, the wild Lynch interview encapsulated everything great about the Manning cast – it’s an unpredictable broadcast where you never know what’s going to happen.

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