ESPN is in chaos.

The left-wing sports network is collapsing under the weight of its own woke politics.

And now ESPN just demoted one host over a bombshell leaked audio.

The fallout from the Rachel Nichols/Maria Taylor controversy continues to consume ESPN.

Days after The New York Times published a story saying a secret audio recording from 2020 was released where Nichols complained to one of LeBron James’ advisors that ESPN gave Taylor NBA Finals hosting duties over Nichols to placate Black Lives Matter, Nichols continues to pay the price.

ESPN has now removed Nichols as a sideline reporter for ABC’s coverage of the finals and took her NBA-themed show The Jump off the air on Tuesday.

The New York Post reports:

ESPN has removed Rachel Nichols from the sidelines for the NBA Finals, the network announced on Tuesday.

The move was made in the wake of a New York Times report about demeaning comments that Nichols made around a year ago about network host Maria Taylor during a private conversation. Nichols did not realize that the video was being recorded. The video was then disseminated by an ESPN employee.

In her place, the network will have Malika Andrews on the sidelines for the Finals. ESPN said Nichols will continue to host “The Jump,” but then canceled the program for Tuesday. The plan, at least at the moment, was for it to return on Wednesday.

On Monday, Nichols groveled and begged for forgiveness in an embarrassing apology during the opening of The Jump.

But like in every single one of the situations, apologizing only emboldens the woke mob.

Nichols continues to lose assignments at ESPN and now it’s only a matter of time before the network cancels her completely and sends her on her way.

Prior to this event, Nichols reigned as one of the most woke social justice warriors in the entire sports media.

But this revolution tends to eat its own, and now it appears to be inevitable that Nichols will be out at ESPN.

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