Left-wing sports network ESPN continues to experience fallout from its decision to wade into politics.

Americans dropped the network at an alarming rate as all they wanted to watch were games.

But now ESPN just got some bad news about a competitor it never expected to face.

Former ESPN President John Skipper was the man who turned ESPN into “MSESPN” as Outkick founder Clay Travis jokingly pointed out.

Skipper turned the network’s flagship show, SportsCenter, into a platform for anti-Trump lunatic Jemele Hill to rant about politics among other left-wing initiatives.

ESPN’s corporate bosses fired Skipper after the number of subscribers declined as ESPN’s viewers just wanted sports content and instead were being fed a steady diet of CNN- or MSNBC-like political programming.

But now Skipper may be about to exact his revenge.

Skipper and former ESPN host Dan Le Batard are reportedly putting together a left-wing digital sports platform that will consist of podcasts, websites and video content.

And they are targeting high profile former ESPN left-wingers to attract subscribers.

Front Office Sports reports:

Former ESPN president John Skipper and personality Dan Le Batard are partnering on a politically progressive sports media company. The new venture is described as the strategic opposite of Clay Travis’ Outkick, sources told Front Office Sports.

Skipper and Le Batard will build a diverse lineup of progressive sports voices, said sources. Their target list includes former ESPN colleagues Jemele Hill, Bomani Jones and Kate Fagan.

ESPN is seeing increasing competition on the streaming sports from on CBS All Access shows the popular UEFA Champions League and NBC Peacock is beginning to showcase English Premiere League Soccer games on the platform.

Now ESPN’s former boss is trying to eat into ESPN’s audience for nonlive sports content by offering an alternative that leans in even harder to left-wing politics.

Just what sports fans wanted – another “sports” network injecting politically correct left-wing nonsense into sports.

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