Many Americans are making it loud and clear that they are tired of all the wokeness in their daily life.

And sadly, American sports has been one of the main institutions to leave the American people in the rear view mirror as they embrace wokeism.

Now ESPN may not survive after they learn the hard way never to go woke.

It’s hard to deny the American people are done with wokeism.

The idea that there is always a victim class, that you should cater to the victim class at all cost, and that the foundations of Western civilization are now meant to be destroyed just doesn’t settle well with the average hard working American.

And unfortunately for us, nearly every professional sport in America has gone completely woke and has given in to radical political beliefs.

Remember when the MLB was so woke that they moved the second biggest game of the year out of Georgia because of their new election integrity laws?

And just think back to when leagues like the NFL and the NBA fully embraced Black Lives Matter.

As a result, these leagues paid a massive price as countless fans just stopped watching their games.

Well, come to find out, it wasn’t just the sports leagues themselves that paid the price for going woke.

According to a report just released, ESPN is struggling to survive as fans leave the network in droves.

In fact, ESPN lost eight million subscribers throughout 2021.

With 75 million subscribers left by the end of 2021, that would be around 10% loss in total subscribers, which is the backbone for the sports network.

And when you do the math, losing the eight million subscribers would equal around a billion dollars in losses!

ESPN has been one of the biggest peddlers of the woke agenda for the past several years in the professional world.

From pushing dudes in girl’s sports to shoving Black Lives Matter down viewers’ throats, ESPN loves itself a good woke story.

But they learned the hard way, just like Netflix and Disney, if you go woke you go broke.

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