Americans are desperate for the return of sports.

But even they’re not desperate enough to tune into the WNBA.

That didn’t stop ESPN from running this head-scratching story comparing the WNBA’s TV ratings to the Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance.”

ESPN recent boasted about “The Last Dance” drawing a whopping 6.1 Million viewers.

The documentary, which follows the last season of the Chicago Bulls’ dynasty has received rave reviews.

But why on earth did the sports giant feel obligated to tie in the WNBA’s TV ratings into the story?

ESPN’s headline read:

‘Last Dance’ averages 6.1M viewers for premiere episodes; WNBA draft most-watched in 16 years

But the article tells a much different tale.

The WNBA Draft pulled in a measly average of 387,000 viewers.

That’s honestly more than we would’ve guessed, but it’s far from spectacular, and still below the peak from 2014’s 413,000 viewers.

A recent airing of 90 Day Fiancé on TLC raked in 3.5 million viewers. The Curse of Oak Island, a History Channel reality show about treasure hunters in Nova Scotia scored 3.6 million viewers.

Disney Channel’s Doc McStuffins beat the WNBA draft with 530,000 viewers.

It’s so bad that even CNN eclipsed the WNBA Draft’s viewership.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s overall TV ratings have dropped by roughly half since this time last year.

Did you tune into the WNBA Draft? We already know the answer to that.

So let us know why you think ESPN is still trying to ram the WNBA down sports fans’ throats.