ESPN is the “wokest” sports network on television.

Their commentators regularly offer spicy hot takes on politics instead of sticking to sports.

And the latest example came when ESPN’s Max Kellerman took a cheap shot at Donald Trump during this bizarre rant.

Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban recently tested positive for coronavirus.

ESPN’s Max Kellerman decided that was his “in” to go on a bizarre rant that included calling the President “overweight” and falsely claiming that only the famous and wealthy survive a fight with the coronavirus.

“Nick Saban looks in pretty good shape,” the Trump-hating Kellerman said on Thursday.

“But if you are famous and rich, and you get a certain level of care,” he said, adding, “The president, who’s also overweight, gets cutting-edge care, and makes it through. But that’s not most people, who can afford to or have access to the kind of care Nick Saban will have access to.”

Breitbart notes, “In all the coronavirus coverage, no reports claim that people are dying because they can’t afford the “cutting-edge care” that it takes to cure them. Care for the coronavirus is no more expensive than any other viral illness or general hospital stay. Kellerman’s claim that regular folks are dying because of the expense of care for the coronavirus has no basis in fact.”

In ESPN’s wide world of “woke” sports, Max Kellerman is the wokest.

He’s also no stranger to bizarre and unfounded claims, like when he said a few weeks ago that the violent riots in American cities this year were started by “extremist, right-wing agitators.”

Considering ESPN’s ratings are in the gutter and the network is on the verge of potentially cutting 700 employees, perhaps Kellerman should be one of the first on-air talents they look to part ways with.

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