ESPN’s ratings are in the tank.

So you’d think they’d be praying for College Football – and the millions of eyeballs it attracts – to return.

But ESPN’s college football “expert” made a prediction about the season that has fans worried.

Paul Finebaum is ESPN’s first choice for whenever they need a “hot take” about college football.

Recently, he went on Golic and Wingo to dump cold water on the idea that the college football season would even be played at all.

Finebaum called anyone saying college football would start on time “full of crap.”

He told Golic and Wingo, “I’m beginning to seriously question whether there will be a season or not.”

ESPN producers must be constantly watching CNN in the background. They constantly push doom and gloom predictions, but ignore the basic facts.

Yes, it’s tragic when any life is lost. But only about one tenth of one percent of all COVID-19 deaths in the United States are from college-aged students.

If ESPN hosts had it their way, they’d wrap players in bubble wrap and only allow two-hand touch.

It’s almost as if the so-called “leader in sports” would rather sports not be played at all.

ESPN Turning College Football “Woke”

Sadly, Finebaum might not be wrong.

College football programs seem to be preoccupied by producing PC-approved Black Lives Matter propaganda than preparing for the upcoming season.

Nick Saban’s University of Alabama Crimson Tide pushed out a promotional video this week stating “All lives can’t matter until Black Lives Matter.”

And Finebaum recently praised Mississippi State running back Kylin Hill, stating the four-star recruit “deserves all the credit – all the credit” for the legislature voting to change the state flag.

ESPN has already ruined NASCAR for long-time fans by injecting intersectional politics.

Now they’re aiming for college football.

Do you think they’ll succeed?

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