Former college football coach Tommy Tuberville has become a target because of his support of Donald Trump.

Tuberville is attempting to win a Senate seat in Alabama.

But Tuberville just got blind-sided in one attack ad for a surprising reason.

Former Auburn Tigers head coach Tommy Tuberville recently won a primary against former Alabama senator Jeff Sessions.

Tuberville plans to flip the seat red after Republicans botched the special election in 2017.

Democrat Doug Jones won the seat after Mitchell McConnell backed establishment candidate Luther Strange over House Freedom Caucus member Mo Brooks.

The split allowed Judge Roy Moore and his checkered past to win the primary.

After disturbing #MeToo allegations from Moore’s past surfaced, Alabama Republicans stayed home and Jones got a narrow win.

Moore shamelessly ran again in 2020, but was defeated easily by Tuberville in the primary.

Tuberville is the overwhelming favorite to reclaim the seat, but Jones just attacked Tuberville for a surprising reason: his coaching résumé:

First, it’s odd to attack coaches for taking other jobs.

That’s the nature of the profession.

Second, it’s telling that chief neocon Bill Kristol is endorsing Democrat Doug Jones.

Kristol and his Never-Trump brigade never miss an opportunity to slam a Republican, particularly one supported by Trump.

Jones’s desperate ad probably won’t get him far in the deep red state.

Also, Tuberville led Auburn to an undefeated season and a Sugar Bowl victory in 2004.

His team had an argument for a split national championship until USC defeated Oklahoma 55-19 in the Orange Bowl to claim back-to-back titles.

Needless to say, Tuberville has a lot of fans in the state, and Jones’s desperate attack probably didn’t win him any votes.

Tuberville leads by 18 points, and Trump won the state by 30 points in 2016.

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