ESPN is practically nothing more than an offshoot of fake news-loving CNN or MSNBC these days.

And it drives their viewers crazy to see a sports station diving into politics whenever it gets the chance.

Well one famed ex-ESPN sports journalist went off on “liberals” at ESPN and it’s beautiful to watch.

ESPN used to be the network to go to for the latest sports news.

But over the years it has mutated into just another Fake News Media network that just does sports on the side.

Just look at the list of famed leftists who were at ESPN.

Keith Olbermann was at ESPN and got his political shots in while he worked there.

Just look at his latest tweet below where he spews fake news about Trump comparing him too a Nazi.

And who can forget Jemele Hill’s stint at ESPN where she repeatedly attacked conservatives in the sports world.

Well one ex-ESPN journalist has had enough of ESPN’s leftist B.S.

Jason Whitlock was a famed journalist and contributor to ESPN and he recently just joined conservative BlazeTV as their newest hire.

And his first podcast didn’t disappoint.

He didn’t hold anything back as he shredded leftists at ESPN.

He went right at ESPN’s handling of the spat between Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor.

Whitlock boldly stated:

I couldn’t imagine being as fragile as Taylor. A 34-year-old former D-1 basketball and volleyball player, I couldn’t imagine being so obsessed with the opinions of white co-workers that their private thoughts could hurt me to the point that I expect the company’s human resources department to address it. This is embarrassing for black people . . . and I say black people, because Kendrick Perkins, Richard Jefferson, Jalen Rose, and several other black ESPN employees have publicly validated Taylor’s allegedly hurt feelings. This is my problem with modern liberals, black and white. Black liberals turn emotional and weak at the thought of a white person not rubbing their bellies and patting their heads with approval.

You can see his comments below:

We all know leftists are freaking out over Whitlock’s comments.

They don’t know how to handle a black man criticizing them because they can’t exactly just call him a racist.

But it is refreshing to see someone calling out ESPN’s pandering to the Left.

Hopefully Whitlock throws some more haymakers their way in the future.

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