We all know that baseball umpires are the worst referees in sports.

But of all the calls this year in the MLB, this has to be the worst move by the umps.

And fans couldn’t believe their eyes when this MLB umpire did something never seen before in a game.

Many fans claim that baseball is a game all about numbers and statistics.

The more runs you have and less errors will greatly increase your chances of winning.

There was a whole movie about it with Brad Pitt.

But let’s be honest for a minute here and think about what actually makes winners and losers in Major League Baseball – the umpires.

You can tell who will win a game and who will lose a game based on how many crappy calls they have against them.

Catch an umpire on a bad day and anything within five feet of home plate is a strike.

Once in a while, they get caught in their lies by replay.

But replay can’t stop them from chucking out players during games for absolutely no reason.

And the latest victim of the ump show were fans at the Cleveland/Angels game.

It all started out with the umpires doing a review to see if a batter was hit by a pitch on replay.

Apparently, Cleveland’s manager Terry Francona was having a bad day and was having none of it.

After giving the umpires an ear full for a couple of seconds he got ejected.

One manager down.

Then, as the replay continued for about five minutes before the game could resume, Angel’s manager Phil Nevin came out complaining as the umps wouldn’t let his pitcher take a few warm-up pitches after being inactive for too long.

Well, the umps said F-you to Nevin and sent him packing from the game as well.

Back-to-back manager ejections within a span of five minutes.

Pure chaos but a good day for the umpires at least.

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