Led by Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association, pro sports are back.

But they look very different as players and coaches kneeled for the national anthem in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

And fans had this overwhelming reaction to the national anthem protests.

The NFL draft, ESPN’s Michael Jordan-centric The Last Dance documentary series, and a made for TV golf match featuring Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods, and Phil Mickelson drew blockbuster TV ratings this year.

Americans missed sports and could not wait to tune in as the return of sports signaled somewhat of a return to normal life.

But viewers were overwhelmingly not happy with what they are seeing on TV.

In the NBA, it is now news when a player actually stands for America’s national anthem.

And in baseball – which laid claim to being the national pastime – players knelt for the anthem and dishonored the flag and the military.

Baseball and basketball saw fairly decent opening night TV ratings, but once fans saw that all the players wanted to do was whine about America and spit on the graves of dead veterans they began to tune out.

The NFL’s ratings dropped 20 percent three years ago when players began emulating Colin Kaepernick’s anti-American protest.

Viewers returned as the protests faded away.

But in the wake of pro sports leagues giving in to the Left’s demands to sign on to its cultural revolution to get rid of Donald Trump fans are once again tuning out.

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