Going to a professional sports game as a fan is supposed to be enjoyable.

Every once in a while, fans might try to have a little extra bit of fun with activities like building a beer cup snake.

But one party pooper had other plans and ruined everything.

Tickets these days to go in person to a sporting event are outrageously expensive.

It will literally cost you your first born child to have a front row seat in nearly every sports league besides the WNBA.

Not to mention that the food is excessive in price.

But even with the cost, there is no guarantee that you will be entertained at a game.

And sometimes fans have to improvise to make the most out of their game experience.

Activities like the beer snake and or beer pyramid are good go-to’s to pass the time.

Well, fans at a recent Cubs versus Cardinals game were trying to make the game more interesting and decided to make a pretty decent beer pyramid.

But then out of nowhere, a guy came over and knocked down the pyramid.

What the hell is wrong with this person?

That was a noteworthy beer pyramid and not to mention that with the cost of beer that was probably a $1,000 pyramid.

This dude is the ultimate Karen.

What type of tool goes out of his way to ruin a beer pyramid?

*Sports With Balls Official Polling*