Tim Tebow was one of the best Christian role models the NFL has ever had.

But his time in the league was cut short when teams chose to cater to the woke mob and no one would sign him.

And now football fans were stunned when they found out that Tim Tebow may be making a comeback into the NFL.

Tim Tebow is a one of a kind athlete and role model.

He was a stud in college who earned himself a Heisman Trophy while leading the Florida Gators to victory after victory at quarterback.

But in the NFL he never got a real chance to prove himself in the league.

In just four years in the league he bounced around team to team like a pinball.

First starting with the Broncos, he led the team to their first AFC West title in nearly a decade and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in one of the craziest NFL overtimes you will see winning with just one play.

And during his two years with the Broncos he made praying on the sideline mainstream which drove leftists crazy.

But then he went to the Jets where, like countless other players, his career tanked.

Well, after years of being off the field, Tebow may be making his comeback.

According to ESPN, Tebow asked for a tryout with the Jacksonville Jaguars at tight end and was granted it by his former college coach Urban Meyer, who is now the head coach for the Jaguars.

When asked about Tebow, Jaguars general manager Trent Baalke claimed, “[Tebow] worked out as a tight end and that’s the position he’ll be playing. Right now where it stands, we’re going to get through the draft. Our whole focus, quite honestly, has been on the draft and we’ll worry about that when the draft is over.”

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