After 21 years of sheer greatness, we’ve finally reached the point where it’s time to talk about how best to honor Tom Brady’s achievements once his playing days are over.

With more Super Bowls than any other human or franchise in NFL history, it seems appropriate that some sort of non-traditional honor comes his way.

And two-time Pro Bowl selection Pat McAfee may have come up with the perfect way to do just that with this suggestion.

On Sunday night, Tom Brady elevated his legacy to the point where he is now, essentially, untouchable.

Winning your seventh Super Bowl at age 43 in convincing fashion in your first year with a team that was coming off a lackluster 7-9 season and had historically been one of the NFL’s worst, will do just that.

There’s no longer any debate to be had about who the greatest football player of all-time is – it’s Tom Brady and it’s really not very close.

With more Super Bowls than every other franchise, and now five Super Bowl MVP awards, Brady has separated himself to the point where he’s in a class of his own.

And that’s why the conversation around Brady has shifted from debate over whether he can rightfully be declared the greatest of all-time to exactly how best to honor his unrivaled career.

One of the better ideas for honoring Brady came recently from former NFL punter turned media personality, Pat McAfee.

While some have said the NFL should go ahead and retire Brady’s #12 while he’s still playing, McAfee said that idea was “absurd,” but suggested instead that it’s time to rename the Super Bowl MVP trophy from the Pete Rozelle Award to the Tom Brady Award.

Quite frankly. McAfee’s suggestion makes the most sense out of all the ideas that have been thrown around for honoring Brady.

After winning his fifth Super Bowl MVP award on Sunday, Brady has now won more Super Bowl MVPs than every other player has won Super Bowls.

Brady owns virtually every Super Bowl record a quarterback possibly can, including most wins, most MVPs, most appearances, most passing touchdowns, most attempts, most completions, and the most passing yards, just to name a few.

He’s the oldest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl, and has won a Super Bowl in more different decades than any other player.

So the least that the NFL could do, and the most logical move they could make, is renaming the Super Bowl MVP award in Brady’s honor.

It almost makes too much sense.

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