In today’s world, nobody is safe from cancel culture.

No matter how long ago, or how out of context your previous remarks or jokes might be, the Left will find a way to end you.

Well, this one canceled former pizza tycoon just unveiled a plot to take down the NFL that is straight out of a blockbuster movie.

When it comes to pizza chains, Papa John’s is one of the most popular in the entire nation.

Who doesn’t love their buttery garlic sauce and their fresh ingredients?

Unfortunately, the namesake of Papa John’s, John Schnatter, who is also the founder, is no longer involved with the company ever since old recordings of him using racial slurs were uncovered.

Now that Schnatter is detached from Papa John’s, he is now uncovering some of the drama that has unfolded over the years.

And boy, for a pizza company, Papa John has been in the middle of some weird stuff.

Perhaps the most noteworthy scandal Schnatter discussed involved taking out some top-level officials at the National Football League.

According to Schnatter, Dan Synder of the Washington Redskins and Jerry Jones of the Cowboys put their rivalry aside and joined forces to take down one man in particular.

None other than the commissioner of the National Football League himself, Roger Goodell.

Schnatter claims that before he was canceled, he got a call from these owners who said “You need to take this guy out”

“‘You’re the No. 1 sponsor of the league, as far as notoriety and acceptance and association. Everybody loves you, they love Peyton [Manning, a Papa John’s sponsor]. We hate Goodell.’”

Those are some very strong words from top NFL owners.

This scheme, which is something straight out of a PG-rated mafia movie, really shows how much influence Big Pizza can have.

But this allegation, if true, proves just how unpopular Roger Goodell is amongst team owners.

If Jerry Jones and Dan Synder can come together on something then you know it’s serious.

Over the years, critics claim that Goodell has made football worse every step of the way.

Whether it is increasing the amount of woke messaging, allowing for two national anthems, making every hit a penalty, etc. the league is worse off today than it was before Goodell.

Although Roger Goodell and most other commissioners have a very tough job, it is fair to say that Goodell has not done well.

It is a shame that Schnatter was canceled before he could attempt to take Goodell out.

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