It’s down to the nitty-gritty time of the Major League Baseball postseason.

Even casual sports fans are beginning to tune in to watch the games.

And Fox let three words on the air that disrupted this playoff baseball telecast.

Fox Sports kept their pregame crew consisting of former Red Sox legend David Ortiz, ex-Yankee Alex Rodriguez, former Chicago White Sox Hall of Famer Frank Thomas, and host Kevin Burkhart outside of Fenway Park following the Astros 9-2 win that evened the ALCS at two games a piece.

The previous night, Red Sox fans targeted A-Rod with profane chants as A-Rod has been a villain in Boston ever since turning down a 2004 trade to Red Sox and heading to the Yankees.

Fox muted those chants to block them from coming through to the viewers at home.

But after Game 4, Fox made no such effort to censor the “F*ck Joe Biden!” chant Red Sox fans bellowed as they gathered behind the Fox set.

“F*ck Joe Biden!” grew in popularity as the fall dragged on and Joe Biden’s approval numbers tanked.

It picked up steam at Southeastern Conference football games.

But that isn’t surprising.

SEC schools are located in red states and the fan bases lean conservative.

But “F*ck Joe Biden!” chants breaking out in deep blue Massachusetts shows just how widespread the disgust with Joe Biden’s failed Presidency really is.

It’s nearly impossible these days to attend a sporting event where fans aren’t chanting “F*ck Joe Biden!”

And Fox did not even make an effort to hide the fact that the people of Boston are also fed up with Joe Biden.

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