The NFL has struggled for years now as liberal politics has taken over the league.

Protests on the field is one thing, but now the NFL is feeling it where it hurts the most.

And Fox News just caused this big headache for the NFL.

The NFL just inked new TV deals that included reupping Fox Sports as the home for its package of NFL games.

But the Left’s effort to destroy Fox News now extends to sports as the NAACP is pressuring the NFL to drop its relationship with Fox because of ridiculous smears about Fox News being a home for racism.

President of the NAACP Derrick Johnson fired off a letter to Roger Goodell accusing Fox News of stoking racism and conspiracy theories surrounding the Presidential election for its hosts opposing the anti-America national anthem protests.

In a statement to USA Today, Johnson blasted Fox News Channel’s programming as “racist and dangerous.”

USA Today reports:

“It is immensely perturbing that the NFL would consider extending its relationship with Fox, especially after the January 6th insurrection on our Capitol. The NFL should not be used as a bargaining tool to help fund Fox News’ racist and dangerous programming.”

“Fox News has gone far and beyond to disinform its viewers, inciting hate, bigotry, and ultimately threatening American democracy,” Johnson said. “We have grave concerns with the NFL’s contract renewal with Fox, and we look forward to having a serious conversation.”

Last summer, the NFL folded in the face of social justice warrior pressure following the death of George Floyd.

Roger Goodell apologized for opposing Colin Kaepernick’s protests and pledged to donate tens of millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter.

Leftists groups are betting they can keep up the pressure on the NFL because in seven years the NFL has the ability to opt out of its newly signed TV deals.

Liberals play the long game and they are fine with waging a seven year war on Fox News to force the NFL to drop Fox as a partner when the time comes.

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