John Daly is one of the only PGA golfers that the American people can relate to.

He’s not in shape, doesn’t eat healthy, and he drinks and smokes more than any athlete known to man.

And Daly proved he’s an American icon after he took to the mound for this opening pitch.

The PGA Tour is filled with rich snobs who haven’t seen the bottom of a beer can before.

Tiger Woods has been groomed his whole life to be a rich prick.

And we all know that Rory McIlroy hasn’t gotten his hands dirty his whole life.

And that’s been a big problem for the PGA.

Their players lack the ability to connect with the average American.

The truth is, they need more Happy Gilmores and fewer Shooter McGavins.

Well, thankfully for Americans, we have a living Happy Gilmore on the Tour through John Daly.

John Daly is by far the working class professional golfer.

And with a little bit of luck, a beer gut, and a mullet, John Daly became the legend golf needed.

And ever since 1991, John Daly has become an American hero that still continues to inspire millions.

His latest feat was throwing out the perfect opening pitch.

The man walked out on the mound hung over, rocked back, and threw the prettiest opening pitch from the mound you will ever see.

The man did nothing but tailgate and party over the weekend and still managed to throw the perfect pitch in shorts.

Freaking stud.

We need more John Dalys in sports to bring Americans together.

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