Not many things are more American than baseball.

And a baseball game isn’t complete without some ballpark food and a beer.

But Guy Fieri invented the most American thing you have ever laid eyes on for the MLB Field of Dreams game.

Baseball is one of the longest lasting institutions in America.

The first professional baseball team was literally founded just four years after the Civil War in Cincinnati.

And since then, it has taken off to become one of the biggest sports in America and around the world.

But one thing that has grown with baseball is the food you will find in the stands – unfortunately so have the prices . . .

Still, overpriced beer, hotdogs, and popcorn are always good options while watching some baseball.

And Guy Fieri just raised the bar on ballpark food with this creation.

The famous all-American chef created the Apple Pie Hot Dog just for the Field of Dreams game.

It is literally a hot dog wrapped in an apple pie, topped with a bacon jam.

Have you ever seen anything more American?

Fieri created the American masterpiece with inspiration from an old commercial from Chevrolet.

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